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    Sure-flex Camera

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    Resembling the pseudo twin-lens reflex camera, the Anscoflex II, manufactured by the American company Ansco, the Sure-flex was an all metal reflex style camera and an enhanced copy produced in India around the mid 1950s to 60s by the Ace Camera Equipments Pvt Ltd, Bombay (now Mumbai) – though some sources attribute it to Patel India Limited. The enhanced design of the camera consisted of two knobs on the front face of the camera to switch between two diaphragm stops and two shutter speeds. The camera also had additional settings for black-and-white or color film, a yellow filter and closeups. Some models were capable of capturing photographs on 6 x 6 cm exposures on 620 roll film.

    The production of consumer-friendly cameras such as the Sure-flex within the country was one way in which amateur photography became more widely adopted as a hobby during the second half of the twentieth century in India.


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