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Understanding South Asia’s Most Recognisable Dyes

Indian textile dyes date back four thousand years, with the earliest evidence being madder-dyed cloth fragments from ...

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Aal Dye Indigo Chay Root Dye Lac Dye Madder Dye Turmeric Root Dye


Major Schools of Indian Miniature Painting

Known for their intricacy and small scale, miniature paintings in medieval India were composed into personal albums (...

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Pahari Manuscript Painting Mughal Manuscript Painting Manuscript Painting Deccani Manuscript Painting Rajasthani Manuscript Painting
A painting of a bat with its right wing extended.


Company Painting: Art, Empire and Science

A category of artists who emerged out of an interaction between Indian and European culture and scientific exploratio...

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Ghulam Ali Khan Company Painting James Skinner Patna School Sewak Ram