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    Kanoria Centre for Arts

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    A non-profit institution and multifunctional art centre that facilitates the production and display of art, the Kanoria Centre for Arts (KCA) was founded in 1984 by Urmila Kanoria at the CEPT University campus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. KCA is financially supported by Urmila Kanoria, the Ahmedabad Education Society and revenue from its studios and residency programme. MF Husain laid the foundation stone of the centre during its inaugural ceremony.

    Designed by BV Doshi, KCA houses a gallery, a residency space, nineteen artist studios, a library and equipment for a range of artistic practices such as carpentry, fibreglass casting, stone carving, pottery, etching, lithography, woodcut and serigraphy. The residency and studio rental programme are open to Indian and international artists through a paid application process. While the residencies run between three months and two years, the fellowship programme runs for a minimum of one year. The studio spaces can also be rented for short periods.

    KCA also organises art and cultural travel within India for residents and assists them with exhibitions at other galleries in the city. The centre has an annual Samaakalan festival, where artworks by residents are exhibited. It also holds workshops for children and adults and runs educational programmes such as a three-year course for children and a one-year foundational certificate course, which culminates in an annual exhibition at Urmila Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

    The centre also hosts lectures and workshops by writers, historians and artists, such as Anjolie Ela Menon, Bose Krishnamachari, Rekha Rao, Atul Dodiya and Sudarshan Shetty. The centre opened its gallery space in 2011 and has hosted exhibitions of artists such as FN Souza and Piraji Sagara.


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