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    Chatterjee & Lal

    Map Academy

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    A Mumbai-based gallery specialising in contemporary art, Chatterjee & Lal was established in 2003 by Mortimer Chatterjee and Tara Lal.

    The gallery was set up with the aim of supporting contemporary and experimental art practice. It also takes interest in historical subject matter, especially the histories of art and design in the twentieth century. Besides exhibiting modern and contemporary art, the gallery presents print culture and popular image-making.

    Notable exhibitions at the gallery include Lila: Play in Indian Visual Culture (2017) and Cut & Paste: Popular Mid-20th Century Art (2013); IMPACT: Design Thinking and Visual Arts in Young India (2018), which charted the confluence of design and the visual arts in postcolonial India, looking at key phenomena such as the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and the Weavers’ Service Centre. It was also the first gallery to host a retrospective of Nasreen Mohamedi in 2004 as well as a performance piece by Nikhil Chopra in 2007.

    The gallery participates in art fairs and shows within and outside India, including the India Art Fair, New Delhi; the Mumbai Gallery Weekend; Art Dubai Contemporary; Frieze London; and Art Basel. As of writing, they represent artists such as Hetain Patel, Nikhil Chopra, Rashid Rana, Thukral & Tagra and Sahej Rahal, as well as modernists such as KG Subramanyam and Nasreen Mohamedi. They also represent the estate of Richard Bartholomew.

    The gallery is situated in the Colaba Art District in Mumbai and remains open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday.



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